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Nächster Equal Pay Day: 18. März 2018


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Business-Women-Impulse nicht nur für Studentinnen in Groningen


Unsere Schatzmeisterin Alexandra Mavrina folgte einer Einladung an die Universität von Groningen, die nicht nur die älteste Universität der Niederlande ist, sondern auch zu den renommiertesten in Europa zählt. Sie gab sehr persönliches Wissen weiter und inspiriert damit nicht nur die Studentinnen: 

„Today in the University of Groningen I spoke to the students of the course "Women in business". I was impressed by having this opportunity of sharing my experience and opinions to the students. 

I've stressed the things which are important to me and would like to share some of them.

The most important idea is creating a supportive network. Instead of looking for the mistakes other women made, we should try to encourage each other to go for our goals. Supportive environment let people flourish - and so grow up.

Another thing that I've named is the correction of well-known rule "break the rules". For me, this rule of breaking the rules is incomplete: at first we have to know the environment, to learn, what we can break and who do we need to support our ideas and steps - and only after that we can break. Break alone doesn't mean success, break and create the new environment - that is the way to do it. 

Also I've shared my experience of approaching a mentor. Successful people are often overrun with mentoring requests, so they are obliged to choose and to reject. I propose another plan: having a specific question to a specific person, approach this person with this very question. It's rarely that you will be refused - and so you also get a chance to introduce yourself and to give a good impression. You also will have an opportunity to learn a person a bit - and the person will learn you. It could be a start of supportive relationship - or not, of course - but it's a chance. 

On the way of looking for answers I encouraged students to approach not only people in management positions, because my most important advices I have got from my peer-colleagues.”

Sie sind Studentin kurz vor dem Abschluss oder gerade erst ins Berufsleben gestartet und interessiert am Austausch mit Frauen in der gleichen Situation?  Sprechen Sie Alexandra Mavrina an und treffen Sie sich mit den jungen Frauen des Young BPW Stuttgart. So erreichen Sie uns: info@bpw-stuttgart.de.


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